Who’ll feed the hungry?

I am holding on to my last 10 riyals. I want to buy sandwich and juice from the Boofia (Cafeteria) in the gas station 20 km from my house. I am hungry, maybe because I went home late from the office last night and grabbed only a small bowl of vegetable soup for dinner. Or maybe I am simply tired and hungry.

It is one day to payday, and I think that I can survive with my 10 riyals until tomorrow. I still have food, milk and juice in the refrigerator which can still sustain me for 7 days.

I just took a cup of tsai (tea with sugar and milk) for breakfast, since I got up late and then hurried up for my meeting in Aramco, Abqaiq, south of Al Khobar. I decided to take sandwich from the Boofia on my way to Abqaiq.

A knock on my car window broke my contemplation. An old Saudi woman (of course, face hidden, but from the way she moves, you can tell she is already old, most probably a widow, or a mother who has to feed her children) begging for a few Riyals – a Manila street sight right here in Saudi Arabia.

The begging thugs my heart, I pity the old woman and I give her my last 10 riyals. I’m surprised. I feel contented, rather than be frustrated even if I parted with my last 10 riyals.  There goes my sandwich.

I feel so light and happy and my meeting went smoothly. I met new people and we discussed lots of project opportunities for our company. 

By the way, the pies, small sandwiches and cookies served with tea or coffee during our meeting were so delicious.

Hunger satiated.

God provides.


“Who’s gonna feed the hungry. Who’s gonna feed the poor. Who’s gonna stand and help me fight that lean wolf that’s howling at my door.” (Joyce Brookshire)


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