Unnecessary problems

I am appalled at the reactions of other nationalities whenever a person of different nationality joins their organization (and even our kababayan themselves). There are questions raised as, what is your discipline, what is your experience, are you a bachelor’s graduate, how much is your salary, how did you qualify for that position. Ito ang mga tanong agad sa akin ng mga mokong kong kasama rito. Ang masama pa, ang kapwa pinoy na pagkatapos magtanong ay puro kasiraan ng kompanya at ng mga namumuno ang sasabihin naman sa iyo. I always tell them I am in charge of cleanliness and I am an elementary graduate. That keeps everyone asking why I am having my own office, a service car and not living in the company accommodation.

And then, each one gives each other a hard time once the actual work begins. Being uncooperative, credit grabbing, blame throwing mudslinging and other techniques are but everyday happenings at work. The pinoys are very cooperative except for some who manage to get a good position but were not really qualified. Nakabola lang nung nainterview at napalusot ang documents from Recto.

They have even come out with names and tags for each other. And it’s not Brad Pitt nor Leonardo de Caprio, or anything pleasant, but something like Garbage Pitt and Leonardo d’Ninja Turtle. You can hear pinoys tagging Indians as “Itik”, Pakistanis as “Pako”, Egyptians as “Ipis” while the other nationalities calling pinoys as “pinnochio”.

The worst part of this animosity (by the way, blowing one’s top or fights here means talk and nags or pulling of clothes but no violence no lifting or arms) is when somebody throws the blame for his incompetence, poor performance, lagging in output, to the other people. Lahat sinisi maliban sa kanyang sarili. This is in a way reduces the aspiration for excellence and quality of output. “Ah, it’s useless to do the best job, because these muted dull buggers will just take the credit away from me” or “Ah, I cannot do my job very well because this creepy-crawly creature from a sullied foul place somewhere in this planet would not cooperate, or would not allow me to do my job”,  are normal expressions of somebody who is keeping his best.

It dawn on me that the main reason for these negative reactions are jealousy and insecurity. This abrogating feeling takes away the joys of fulfillment, companionship, cooperation, shared responsibility and success, and on top ot that having somebody to relate to in times of sadness and happiness.

Jealousy and insecurity creep on us like what the devil did to our forefathers, and these remain as unnecessary loads in our life. Problems, troubles and inconveniences are burdens, which should be left on the road as we travel life and fulfill our objectives as God’s children.

Look at life. God made it balance. God gives us people to interact, to make us realize our weaknesses, our strengths, and give them the love and understanding God showers on us.

I advised one of my kabayan co worker here to leave these unnecessary burdens. Learn to accept people. Learn to love and understand. You will live more contently by believing that each one of us is blessed with talents, skills and capabilities that we will use in interfacing with one another. We may need other’s talents to use our talents, other’s skills to enhance our skills and other’s knowledge to raise our knowledge. Sagot niya sa akin: “Di ko kailangan ang kababayan, ang kaibigan. Sakit lang sa ulo ang kaibigan at kababayan. They are the unnecessary burderns.”

Kaya pala kako sa sarili ko, madalas ang palit niya ng tao. Lahat ng tao niya ay nagiexit after one year. Including his school mate and kumpare.


“We need one another, so I will defend.
Each man as my brother, each man as my friend.
When I help my brother, then I know that I.
Plant the seed of friendship, that will never die.” (Joan Baez)

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