One thing I like when you travel by road in this country is the way they put their roads and highway signs. You will not be bored while driving because you will learn to enjoy the signs two way:

1. they’re plenty and very prominent

2. they’re funny

You’ll never get lost because the signs are plenty and they are well placed on the road. Add to these are the barriers and lighted dividers that directs you to your destination. And when you are in the outskirt of a town, just find the target like sign and follow it, you’re sure to get to the center of the town/city.

Reading the signs make you laugh. Through this you never feel sleepy.

BIWhat with signs like this RAY THORN ONLY (do they allow only Ray Thorn to pass that road?), or NO YOUTH TURN (once you’re

an elderly, there’s no turning back to being a youth?) or BE WERE, ANIMALS FASTING BY (stay where you are because the animals are fasting nearby?).

Or how about this, NO TRACTS ALLOWED (you must leave any tire marks when you traverse that road?) and this is what I love most, 80 KILOS PER HOWAR ONLY (do they charge you 80 kilos of what per hour).ckn

God give signs that are also not easily understood and mysterious. He let us experience being confused to clear us, make us wonder to make us understand or frustrate us to make us triumph. But surely, God gives us signs that He is always calling us. When we see somebody in need of help, God calls us, when somebody asks us to listen to him, God calls us, when we see somebody needing comfort, God calls us.

Surely, signs are there for us to read, for us to reach, for us to act.

I come upon a traffic sign on the road to Qatif that said: YOU TURN ONLY. Which serves as a reminder that in anything you say and do YOU TURN ONLY to GOD.


“I`m over here dug in so far from home, lookin` all around try and see what`s going on.
I got the sand in my collar. Got the sand in my hair. Got it in my pockets. Got it everywhere.
I got sand in my shirt. Got it in my shoes, Got it low down dried desert blues.” (Allman Brothers Band)

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