Pasko sa bansang walang pasko…

Every Christmas brings unexplained happiness in me. Kahit na noong ako ay bata pa, nag high school, nag College and even at this stage of my life now. At tuwing pasko rin ay doon ko naramdaman ang kapayapaan ng damdamin, kahit na ako ay malungkot dahil nagiisa.. lagi ko na lang iniisip na ang bawat pasko na dumaraan ay nagbibigay ng panibagong pagasa at pagreflect sa mga nagawa ng nagdaang taon. Actually, hindi ako naniniwala sa New Year’s reflection, resolution o review ng nagdaang taon. Para sa akin, ang pagrereview ay tuwing pasko, dahil naroon ang time nang umpisa ng redemption sa atin ng ating Panginoon.

December 24, gabundok ang trabaho ko. I received an email from our Japanese JV partner asking me to answer the clarifications in our bid to a big company here in Saudi Arabia. Pinagaralan ko at may 7 clarifications akong dapat na ihanda at kailangan ko raw na isubmit sa kanila for their review sa December 26. I finished two in the morning. Inuna ko ang pinakamadugo, at kahit na napakaingay at napakasakit sa tenga ng boses ng isa kong Sales Manager, I managed to compose and finish the 67 pages document in 3 hours. Nawala sa isip ko na bisperas ng pasko and all I am focused is to finish at least 4 clarifications for the day.

Nang maguuwian na, pinasok ako sa office ng mga Christians co-employee at binati ako ng Merry Christmas, only then that I realized na 6PM na pala, and it is 11PM sa Pilipinas. Pasko na. Inatake na ako ng loneliness. I decided to pack up and drove to my flat.

Too emotional I am while driving, that I did not notice my cellphone ringing. There are 7 missed calls from Joel and 2 from Darwin. I immediately called Joel and he asked me to come to their house and have a small Christmas celebration with Darwin and Michael. I confirmed and even called Rey to join us. Rey told he will bring Ice Cream (what???? Ice Cream at 14 degrees weather).  

While changing clothes, I started thinking of how it is now in pinas. People may have finished the Noche Buena and kids are preparing to sleep while planning on what will be their schedule of pamamasko in the morning.

I decided to take 12 pcs Al Fawaz Fried Chicken instead of KFC, grabbed a 2.5 li bottle of coke and proceeded to Joel’s house.

While on the wayI reflected how my life has been blessed sa loob ng 50+ na taon ng kamalayan ko sa mundo, and what Christmas really is.

It is the day of the coming of the savior, Jesus Christ. The angels proclaimed His coming by singing “Hosanna in the highest, let us all rejoice to His coming.” That is what Christmas is really meant for, to be happy, to be joyful that Jesus Christ came. It is a day devoted for Christ, it is a day not to thing of what gifts to give, and to receive. It is a day of being contented, that Christ had come, let us all be happy. It is a day of bringing to God all of our worries and sadness, for the best thing of all, is to think of Christ alone.

I felt a warm surge of cheerfulness engulfing me. I am happy. It is Christmas. God is taking care of my love ones, of my friends, of me and even those who do not like me. I should be happy. I should be contented. I should be rejoicing. Jesus Christ is born.

Before feasting on Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, Boiled Corn (yes, corn, what a combination), Ice Cream and Bread, I muttered a prayer of thanks to God for the coming of Christ and for the blessings He continuously shower on me.

I went home about 10PM and upon reaching home, I checked on my phone. I got missed calls from 8 persons here…., Gerry, Henry, Ed, Jun, Willy, Romy, Sam, and Eugene. They were all asking me to join them for Christmas Dinner.

God is good all the time.


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Soon the bells will start.
And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.” (Meredith Wilson through Michael Buble’)

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