Bossing ka Boss

Simula pagkabata ay galit na ako sa mga katiwalian, at panlalamang. Kahit noong nagaaral ako hanggang nagkatrabaho,  I hate cheating and cheaters. Iyong mga naagshoshort cut para makapasa sa exams, sa board, maging sa trabaho at higit sa lahat iyong manlalamang at mananapak ng tao para lang mapromote, o maipakita ang kanyang power.

I remember one incident when I was still working in the Philippines. I was on my way to our company’s plant in Batangas when I heard the wailing of sirens from behind me, so I slowly moved on to the outer lane of South Luzon Tollways (I prefer to call it that way instead of the SLEX – South Luzon Expressway, cause there’s nothing express really in that road, but the way they collect tolls). Since maraming sasakyan sa may papalabas ng Bicutan, I found it difficult to get out of the inner lane.

Suddenly, I heard a thud on my rear window. It was a motorcycle cop with his oversized bike, and his oversized belly, in an oversized boots, wearing an oversized jacket and with an oversized, inflated, egoistic, arrogant head banging on the window, signaling me to move away. Because his Boss, an overly reactive, snifter tummied Congressman Bragadoccio is passing, with his four van-loads of guards ready to fire and wage war with anybody who dare touch or block the way of their chief. This was the time of Wang wangs, or meron pa rin ngayon?

I asked myself. What protection can these shrieky, hollering tramps give to their Boss? What security can the Boss expect from his pernociously venomous bodyguards? Guards who takes venom and borrow their courage from their arms, from their bullet proof vests, from their power? They invite more trouble for this show of force, arrogance of power, and taking advantage of the weak.

I have a guardian who does not borrow strength from anything. He is the most strong, yet He is soft hearted. He is the most fearful, yet He is the forgiving. He is the greatest, He is the Boss. Yet He is so humble. He is the beloved Son. Yet He showers me with His love. He gives me care and understanding. He watches over me day and night. He guides me all the time. He blesses me. He is my Boss. But for Him, I am the Boss.

Same thing in this country. Mas masakit sa kalooban na makitang kapuwa mo pinoy, na sa pinas ay pangkaraniwan at napakahumble na worker, pagdating dito ay nagkaroon ng position for whatever reason, ay siya pang walang malasakit sa kapuwa pinoy.

Power tripping ka Boss.


“And with these hands, I’ll provide for you. Should there be a stormy sea. I’ll turn the tide for you.
And I’ll never. No, I’ll never let you go” (The Temptations) 

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