I cannot control my distress when I entered the car of our Project Engineer. There, waiting inside the car are two more of his countrymen joining us in going to our site visit in one of our projects. I want to send an SOS call to the Navy, the Army, the National Guards, for I am expecting a real excruciating battle with my sense of smell on our way to the project.

And it was truly a mind reverberating, highly offensive, lung wracking and nose obliterating ride I had. These guys kept talking with their heads bobbling sideways to indicate affirmation, and not minding at all the condition of the air inside the car. If one of our Phivolcs guy is here then they may assume that the sulfur content of the atmosphere is high and there is an eminent volcanic eruption in an hour’s time.

I was nearly sneezing, choking, or throwing up when suddenly I let out a quiet fart (napautot ako, mas maganda sa English e), and the aroma of a dozen Malabanan Excavation tanks started sweeping inside the car, overthrowing the previous pervading odor.  I know the guys smelled it from the looks in their face, but they somehow disregarded it and even lured me in their conversation. And from the smile on their faces, they seem to enjoy it.

Such a selfish guy I realized I was. Here I am, complaining to high heavens the agony of getting a whiff of the specialty air inside the car, and when I let out my contribution of rare gas to the car atmosphere, these guys did not protest nor raise a whine.

Now I know that God made all things in a balance. Day is for night, black for white, sky for earth, ocean for the mountain, man for woman, and He gave us our senses that allow us to be patient and understanding.

From then on, I was never been that selfish anymore.

I let these guys have a dose of my specialty gas whenever there is an opportunity.

Utot laban sa putok.

Place your bet.


“It’s always more fun. To share with everyone. If you’ve got one. Here is something you can learn. You can still share. Just by taking turns.” – Jack Johnson


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