My colleague was so upset when his vacation was extended for one week. This after he was rescheduled for 6 months and his daughter will celebrate her birthday on the day he will arrive in the Philippines.

So mad that he was nearly shouting and swearing that he was delay for exactly 189 days for reasons he cannot understand. He even swore that he did everything for the company, was so diligent in his job, was 100% on duty and he never once cheated. Why on earth was he being treated like this?

He was answered that the reason raised for the delay was that there was no flight available. He reasoned out that he applied for vacation three months before, then why did this things happen. I let him pour out his emotions, he’s so upset and to add insult, another employee came and announced that he is leaving on the same date as supposed to be my colleague’s schedule.

After a while, he cooled down. He sighed and told me, “Thank you for listening, thank you for not adding fire to my fury. Thank you for being somebody who cooled down my rage . I don’t know, I could have done something wrong had you not listened to me”

I told him, things like this happen. I know there is a meaning to this. And he called his daughter and asked her to be patient and expressed his love for them.

After the day of his supposed schedule, we received a call from the other employee who went on vacation on that day. They were holed up in Hongkong for their arrival in the Philippines was delayed for one day due to a Typhoon that razed the country on that day. And they spent 3 hours at the airport upon arrival because the electric power was down, and they have take out all their baggage one by one for scrutiny by the airport authorities.

Maybe that was the meaning of your delayed vacation, I told him. Then, he finally made it home for vacation.

He called me up yesterday. He’s happy with his family vacationing in Baguio and he informed me he came home smoothly. Flights on schedule, arrival on time and no hassle whatsoever at the airport.

And the delayed vacation means, he’ll be able to spend the New Year with his family, for the 8 days resetting of his vacation result to his holiday until January 6.


“Things happen for a reason no matter what you do,  they keep comin’ round every time your down. Things happen for a reason.” – Hannah Montana


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