Concentrated ako sa ginagawa kong review ng scope ng isang project, nagring ang phone ko. Pagsagot ko sa aking landline ay halos mabingi ako sa pabulyaw na salita ng nasa kabilang linya (lets call him Abu Shadow)

Abu Shadow: “Hello (pabulyaw)! This is Supervisor of AAA Department! Why you send this people now here? Me said me today busy. No send this people today, send tomorrow!” (Sumigaw na talaga. Kung kaharap ako baka sinakal na ako)

Me: “Hello sir! I can’t understand what you’re talking about (medyo slang para me dating, kasi di ko kilala kung sino iyon e. Di niya sinabi. Basta sabi niya Supervisor). Who are those people I sent to you sir?”

Abu Shadow: “Two Filipini, Mr. Iskrambolegg and Mr. Estrellado. One Indiani, Mr. Putokilikilinandharan here for driving test. Why you no listen to me hah? Do you know I am Suuupervisor? Why you do not know? Answer me!” (Ahhh, nabibingi na ako ha. Nakakairita na ang tea drinking, siwak swabbing, dates munching bugger na ito)

Me: “Let me clear this out Mr. Suuuupervisor. I don’t know about those people and I did not send anybody to your office.”

Nagtaka lang ako, kasi ang ginamit niyang landline ay sa isang napakabait at napakagalang na arabo. Di naman maaaring siya iyon. Daming beses ko na itong nakasama at napakagalang, napakalumanay magsalita. Iba ito. Besides, Specialist ang position nung arabo na iyon at kaibigan ko, he knows me very well.

Me: “Are you really calling me? Are you calling this number?” (Medyo nasa-psychologize ko na siya. Power trip talaga. Gulatan lang kako. Sige magulatan tayo.)

Abu Shadow: “Yes! Me Suuupervisor here asking you. I want you to answer me, or me make a report to the owners, why you sent all these people?” (Taragis na ito, ipinagdidiinan ang Suuupervisor)

Me: “Are you really calling me (this time kako manggugulat na ako) Mr. Suuupervisor? Are you calling the Corporate Business Development Managerrrrr?” (Nahihiya ako sa sarili ko, I am not used to this. Kahit iyong mga kasama kong MBAs – Manager By Accident/Affiliation/ Appointment/Association pag nagyayabang ng mga kuno kuno nilang titles at experiences, di ko pinapatulan e. Bakit ba napatulan ko ito)

Abu Shadow: “This is not XYZ Coordinator, Mr. AAAADRAAA?”

Me: “No, Mr. Suuuupervisor. I’m not the XYZCoordinator. I am the CBD Managerrr. And please let me help you in what you told you’ll prepare a report to the owners about my behavior, I will submit it myself”

Abu Shadow: “Muskillah!” (Sabay baba niya ng telepono. Bastos talaga)

I learned that Mr. Suuuupervisor joined us just a week ago.



I was 50 kms off Al Khobar on my way to Riyadh when my cellphone rang. I put on the headset and answered the phone. Soon as I said hello the guy on the other land was in high pitch, let’s call him Indiana Nghit.

Indiana Nghit: “Mr. Clinquantlife, this is Indiana Nghit, Transport Coordinator. I ask you ^&%$$$^& (garbled)

Indian Caller Threatens To Bomb Brit Woman S House For Not Buying

Me: “Mr. Indiana Nghit please speak slowly, I am driving. I cannot understand what you were saying.”

Indiana Nghit: “Mr. Rogelio is on vacation right? (Now he is starting to raise his voice). And he left his car key to you, right?”

Me: “Oh, yes. Ahh, me and my 512 MB memory. I think I need to upgrade it to 1 TB. It is in my drawer. I have forgotten about it.” (Medyo pabiro at magalang kong sagot)

Indiana Nghit: “Why did you not turn over to me? Ha! Ha? (Sumigaw na talaga. Naku kung kaharap ko palagay ko dinuduro na ako). Why *&^%^&** . What is your @#%*^%& (again garbled)?”

Me: (Gusto ko turuan ng paggalang) “Can you not speak softly and politely? Please, don’t raise your voice. Let’s act like educated and civilized people. You don’t know how to use the phone. I am driving and you are irritating me. I may get into an accident. You better talk to my secretary about this. Call Ashraf please.”

Indiana Nghit: “No! Why are you keeping the key *&&%%$ (garbled again, kasi ang bilis bilis bilis magsalita)”

Me: “Mr. Coordinator, I told you talk to Ashraf (umarte na ako na pabulyaw na rin, dating artista ba naman). And don’t treat me like a criminal. You should ask politely, not in interrogating manner. Like “can you hand over the key of Rogelio’s car to me sir?”

Aba e talagang walang modo, nagtutungayaw pa sa telepono at parang nakadroga na talak ng talak.

I placed the phone on the passenger seat, turned the music volume higher and started singing loudly. I saw that the timer on the phone call is still counting, which showed he was still ranting and panting and rattling.

While I’m rolling and rocking.

And enjoying the driving.

The phone call stopped at 19:10:43. Ang laki ng nabawas sa load niya.

Power… look at what you’ve done to incompetent people.


“You aren’t wanted here, you’d better leave. The taste of power has left you insane. Your corrupt mind
Has turned to stone and left us behind,  you only care about yourself. Absolute power. Corrupts absolutely” – D. B. C.


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