Gusto ko ishare ang mga lathalain ko sa aming Newsletter (na ako rin ang Editor in Chief hehehe), mga ilang puna at damdamin sa pagpapatakbo ng isang maayos na organisasyon sa punto de bista ng isang Marketing and Business Development guy.

A frog asked two geese to take him south with them. At first they resisted; they didn’t see how it could be done. Finally, the frog suggested that the two geese hold a stick in their beaks and that he would hold on to it with his mouth.
So off the unlikely threesome went, flying southward over the countryside. It was really quite a sight. People looked up and expressed great admiration at this demonstration of creative teamwork.
Someone said, “It’s wonderful! Who was so clever to discover such a fine way to travel?”
Whereupon the frog opened his mouth and said, “It was I,” as it plummeted to the earth. (A Fable)

No organization, group or business can achieve success without teamwork. Fostering teamwork is creating a work culture that values collaboration. In a teamwork environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are better when done cooperatively.  Members believe that nobody is as good, effective and efficient as everybody.

It’s hard to find work places that exemplify teamwork.  In an organization that is full of diversities – nationality, language, culture, education, personality, background, experience, ideas – the attitude is directed on winning, being the best,  and coming out on top of the others.  Respect and value for other’s role in the organization is taken for granted, resulting to perpetual loss in valuable working time, output, and eventually business.

Creating an overall sense of teamwork in the organization requires commitment and appreciation. Each member shall adhere to the value of Honesty and Integrity to make a palpable placement of skills, talents, experience and discipline.   This must start from within each one of us, by being honest and true to what we had presented as we are.

It starts from the education and experiences we declare, the expertise we proclaim and the kind of work we engage in.  From here, the right assignment, position, career path and development will be laid out and the role in the organization will be outlined.  Declaring what is not true, particularly if it is with the objective of getting higher position and pays, will lead to trouble once the real responsibility is accounted for and affect others jobs too.

No one owns a work area or process all by himself.  In a culture of teamwork, shared responsibility and commitment prevails.  Everyone is open and receptive to ideas and input from others in the organization…because everyone is honest to admit and declare what he really is capable of performing.  No “claim game” (the I am this, I am that, I have this and that qualification attitude) exists.

Some of the ways by which successful organization promote teamwork are:

1. Form teams to resolve real work issues and to improve real work processes.
2. Hold department meetings and feedback monitors to review progress.
3. Have an open communication and transparency – report and  discuss the  true and honest data and issue, no “hold backs”
4. Celebrate success or achievements of the team / group / company publicly.
5. Make everyone feel light during meetings.

The organization takes its power from each member, while each member takes its power from the team. It may look as a reciprocal action, however, it is more of a pyramid, where the strength lies in its interlocking corners.

As Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players ever, states “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”  He drove his team to greater heights, because he had been honest and full of integrity – admitting his weaknesses and continuously improving them for the team.


“People, when things go wrong. As they sometimes will. And the road you travel. It stays all uphill. Let’s work together. Come on, come on. Let’s work together. You know together we will stand.” – Canned Heat


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