I felt a sudden numbness in my left hand. The same feeling I experienced one night while driving home from my work in Tektite, Pasig City.  This numbness, I found out from a dreadful, appalling doctor told was brought by hypertension. Then, he discussed a litany of deaths and sufferings, strokes and paralysis, and remarked that although biologically, I was only 38 years old that time,, this illness is fatal. And the key to survive and be cured rest on myself.

I stopped. God and my loved ones were the first thing that came into my mind. I tried to assure myself that it was due to the cold (it is 6 deg C), or it is just hunger pangs (gulping cups and cups of Indian and Arabian tea would make you hungry). It dawned on me what will happen to my love ones, to the foundation, to the church, to the people depending on me for guidance, in the event something happen to me.

No. Not these thoughts, I must divert my attention to other thoughts. I then started recalling happy incidents in my life, my naughtiness in my younger years, my playful and childlike times spent with my loved ones, with my friends, with the kids in school, with the brothers and sisters in church, with my former classmates, my former colleagues at work. I then realize I was smiling, which eventually turned to a hearty laugh.

I punched my left hand, I let out a faint cry of pain. The numbness has gone. I can feel with my left hand now.

Yes, it is like anybody’s life. When you seem to lose your sight and feel of God, there are instances in your life that you feel the punch of God. It starts with thinking of the happy things and blessings God gives you.

And there you feel it. You are back again. Alive. Active. Working and serving

The punch of God is not a punishment, it is not a chastisement, rather, it is a way of making you feel that life is worth living with God. And with love.


“I heard the message, then i rang it off the hook. I didn’t get you till 1 am, who was wrong and who was right.” – No Use For a Name

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