We were in Udhailiyah facility ng isang customer 250 kms from our office para sa isang meeting na susundan ng inspection sa project site. Udhailiyah ay isang maliit na community / compound ng Saudi Aramco located in the desert southwest of the Dhahran-Dammam-Khobar metropolitan area. Udhailiyah camp has Administrative, Operation and Maintenance offices at Residential Area para sa Southern Operations ng Aramco tulad ng Haradh Gas Plant, Hawiyah Gas Plant, Utmaniyah Gas Plant.

It has amenities including swimming pools, weight rooms (separate for males and females), dining halls, golf course (oil-sand greens), tennis facilities, squash and racquetball courts, library and a commissary (small grocery store). There is also the Wahat Al-Ghawar, a large, air-conditioned tent used for company and social events. Udhailiyah is heavily planted with green spaces and open parks with large trees and extensive irrigation. After the meeting, we were given 45 minutes to have lunch after which we will meet  near the main gate and proceed to the site.


Left is Kabsa while on the right is the Turkish mixed vege salad.

We went to a restaurant that serves Kabsa (grilled chicken/litsong manok with fried rice and fresh green vegetables), fried fish with fried rice, inihaw na isda, manok, baka basta may fried rice na kasama. I took the mukhlaba mix- a combination ng humus (ground chick pea), talong cole slaw, tinadtad na dahon dahon, kamatis, olives at grape leaves plus lebanese bread (unleavened bread).

My companion ordered a can of Diet Pepsi, dahil nga diet daw siya although fried rice na kasama ng grilled chicken ay good for 3 persons na yata.

Indian Waiter: “Pare, no available Diet Pepsi.”

My companion: “Then, Diet Seven Up Bay” (Bay is for the Indians as Pare is for the Pinoys)

Indian Waiter: “Pare, no available anything Diet in Can.”

My companion: “I am on Diet, I don’t want regular.”

Indian Waiter: “Pare, we have Diet Pepsi but Big Size.” Na ang ibig niyang sabihin ay iyong 1.5 liter size.

My companion: “I am on Diet. Only small Bay.”

Bubulong bulong ang Indian Waiter noong dumaan sa tabi ko.

“No diet in eating too much Kabsa, but softdrinks this man wants Diet. I cannot understand people.”

“Sometimes good. Sometimes crazy.”


” Well breakfast black coffee one slice of dry toast no butter no jelly no jam. Lunch just some lettuce two celery stalks no booze no potatoes no ham. Dinner one chicken wing broiled not fried no gravy no biscuits no pie. And this dietin’ dietin’ dietin’ dietin’ sure is a rough way to die” – SHEL SILVERSTEIN


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