Of Poverty and Critics

I watched a video posted in FB about the children in Uganda sleeping in bare soil, could not get up and just move around crawling. It is really heart rendering and  I was moved in tears and thought out loud “I am blessed that this never happened to me and my children.” I went on to read comments and most are pointing at the parents, poverty and the harshness of the society as the causes of these sufferings.

However, as I read along, it becomes clear that those who readily make comments and condemn other people are the ones who have not experienced living or interacting with any of the kind of poor people shown in the video. I looked at the profile of the commentators and have seen that they are ones living in places where this kind of environment seldom exists and if it do exists, they live secured and separated from it. These people easily condemn others, but I think they have not done anything to share or help. It is easier for them to make comments, criticism, condemnation than taking out something out of their pockets or contact NGO’s or charitable organizations so they can give their help not necessarily to the people in Uganda, for poor people around them. I also abhor those who will not move and just say that their prayers are with them. Okay, your prayers, but the people in need don’t need just our prayers. God listens to prayers, but, He gave us hands to help, ears to listen, shoulder to cry on and a heart that feels and love.

And that is what’s wrong with people. The feeling of being righteous and intelligent. What this world needs are people who, before making comments and criticisms should have done something for their fellowmen. Being a critic is the most convenient excuse for hiding their unwillingness to help and share. Pure talks but no walks.

Another thing that caught my attention in the video is the lush vegetation in the background. There are banana trees, grasses and greens everywhere. Which goes to show that the land is fertile. Reading several commentators , “their parents just let them crawl in the soil because they have nothing to feed them” made me cringe in my seat. What? Nothing to feed them? The soil is there, the very soil that these children crawl around. The very soil waiting to be tilled, cared, sown and harvested. That comment justifies indolence.

Somehow, this post also makes me a Critic.

The only difference is that, modesty aside, I help and live with this kind of people. And truly help.



“If everyone cared and nobody cried. If everyone loved and nobody lied. If everyone shared and swallowed their pride. Then we’d see the day, when nobody died.
And I’m singing. A, Amen I, Amen I, I’m alive” – Nickelback


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