After 2 days ay bumalik ako sa aking Doctor upang malaman ang result ng aking mga Medical Tests at kung ano ang gamot at payo niya. Naupo ako sa waiting area after na sabihin ko sa assistant niya na naroon na ako.

After about 15 minutes, tinawag ako at kinuha ang BP ko, it’s 120/80 normal pero sabi ko ay masikip ang dibdib ko at parang sinasakal. She examined me again, pinisil pisil ang leeg, pinabuntunghininga, pina-ahhhhh, pinukpok ang tuhod at ini-stethoscope ang harap at likod. Then her assistant took out the results ng aking Medical Tests.

She told me that my Sugar, CBC, Na, K, Ca, Uric Acid, etc are all normal and that I am doing very well in my exercises. But the results of my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test is very bad. She told that I have to take a 1.5 times dose of my usual Euthyrox a day. Then she asked me why I was taking only 100 micrograms when she advised me to take 150 micrograms on my last visit.

I told her that was in 2010, and I had a check up with another doctor in early 2012 who advised me to lower the dosage. However, the blame’s on me because I was not taking my maintenance medicine regularly. During the past 6 months ay maraming beses akong nakakaligta sa paginom ng gamot.

Tapos dinagdagan niya ang sermon niya sa akin (btw, this Doctor really takes care and so concerned about my health) “you have been exercising and working hard, which is good for your health, but your Thyroid is getting stressed, so you should be very careful in taking your medicine. Look at your TSH, T3, T4 tests. You failed.”

Sinagot ko siya nang, “I am sorry Doctor. I did not study my lessons very well that is why I failed in the test.” Hagalpak siya ng tawa. Pati iyong assistant niya ay tawa ng tawa (ROFL baga).

“That’s what makes you healthy and younger. I like your humor.” sagot niya habang sumusulat ng reseta.

I added before I left, “Doctor, from now on I will go back being faithful to my religion (balik loob baga). I will religiously take my medicine everyday.”

“Go home now before I die laughing here!” ang sagot niya.


“Happiness, is like the old man told me. Look for it, but you’ll never find it all. Let it go, live your life and leave it. Then one day, wake up and she’ll be home.” – The Fray


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