I was browsing on you tube when I got interested in a video – the “Hello Happiness” campaign of Coca Cola in Dubai. It is about putting up a special phone booth which accepts  Coke bottle Caps instead of Coins for a free 3 minute international phone call. The those of us who sees it, the whole scheme reeks of marketing in nature, but for the overseas workers who feel the joys of talking with their love ones through this booth, it is a big help.

What caught my attention were the interviews to the workers about what it their motivation in working abroad:

“If working here means my wife, children and parents canl be happy, then I can stay here forever.”

“We work here so our children can be educated, if they can have a better life, then my life would be worthwhile.”

It is not the gesture of Coca cola that is moving me. It is not the idea that you have to drink Coke to be able to get this free call that makes me revolting. It is not the understanding that this is plainly Marketing and Promotion at its lowest level that  piques me.  With such little salaries, these workers will actually have to make a conscious decision about whether they should buy Coke or water. Sugar in or flush out sugar.

What I feel are reflecting images of Sacrifice, Patience, Loneliness, Pain and Longing.

What I see are tears of these workers who day to day have to bear the heat, the dust, the harsh environment and the power tripping of people of other nations.

What I hear are gnashing of teeth to control oneself over the boorishness of superiors, the selfishness of compatriots and the arrogance of superior races.

I just hope that their love ones could feel their sacrifices, their agony, their loneliness and their trying to fight the urge to go home.

I guess the Hello Happiness is more significant if the people left in their homes:

  • study well as they are called estudyante, not lakwatsero or gimikero
  • spend wisely the money sent to them, which are hard earned (with blood and tears) by their overseas father or mother
  • invest wisely on things that will be useful for their overseas worker father or mother in the future
  • keep a strong family so that the overseas worker father or mother will have a real rest and peace when he / she goes home
  • call on the overseas father or mother more often, expressing gratitude for showing great love
  • keep close relationship to God for the blessings called overseas father or mother

I pray that everyone of us really understand that our overseas father or mother  are sacrificing not only for want of a better life.

But the BEST for their family. And to quote, even if they have to stay abroad forever.

Let us also be the best for them. Let us give them the joy of saying “Hello Happiness”.


“Time it was I had a dream, and you’re the dream come true. If I had the world to give, I’d give it all to you. I’ll take you to the mountains, I will take you to the sea. I’ll show you how this life became a miracle to me.” – Dar Williams






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