I was waiting in the lobby of a Hotel for an afternoon meeting with one of our principals when an apparent Guest of the hotel approached the information. The Guest is of a nationality noted to have a articulated social strata in their country. They are observed to be arrogant, announcing their position or education or if you give them a chair and a table and they will think they are already high in position. He asked the guy in the counter who happens to be his compatriot.

Guest: “Show me how to get to XYZ Mall”
Information: “Sure. Where to again?”
Guest: “To XYZ Mall. Do I have to repeat what I am saying? You’re not hard at hearing, are you? Are you all the same in your village?”

Uhuumm umaangat na ang magazines sa harap ko sa lumalakas na hangin.

Information: “Okay. It is very near here. Just make a U-turn at the first corner and after 2 traffic lights, you turn right and you are already there.”
Guest: “Stop telling me what to do! I’m not your servant! Don’t you know that I am GM of ABC Company?”
Information: “Sir, I never tell you what to do. I am telling you the directions.”
Guest: “Just don’t tell me what to do. Don’t tell me to make a U-turn. I am not your servant!”
Information: “With fervent apologies Sir. Here is the map Sir. Certainly, it shows the directions anywhere in the city.”
Guest: “This will do, you Donkey!”

Arrogance sucks.


“Better watch out. Going for the knockout. And I won’t stop. Till I’m on top now. Not gonna give up. Until I get what’s mine” – Joanna Pacitti



  1. Wow! that is too much, sir. He’s not just arrogant but an idiot as well. He asked for direction and wouldn’t accept the answer just because he perceives it as a command. As a GM of his company, I suggest, if he couldn’t afford some manners, get himself a map.

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