We’re going to play basketball early this morning and going to the parking, my son asked me: “your car, or mine?” But while saying so, he went near my car. I told him I did not bring my car key. So we rode on his car.

We went through the corniche road, and I had a taste of early morning view of the sea. So nice and so soothing to one’s feeling looking at the silvery waves welcoming another day. Early herons are there on the shallow part of the water and walks regally keeping one wonder how God manage to balance the beauty in this world.

I was enjoying the view when my son slow down and stopped in the middle of the road. I wondered what caused him to stop and immediately look at the side mirror to see if there are incoming vehicle that may hit us. When I saw nothing, I look at the front and I saw two pigeons on the road and my son waited for them to fly before proceeding.

I quietly looked at him and admire the kindness he has displayed. He did not pressed on the pedal on the two pigeons loitering in the road but he respected the life of these creatures of God.

Small act of kindness. Laced with small act of respect.

Grows big when everyone does the same.


“Little acts of kindness. Make us all feel better. Unexpected flowers. Unrequested letter. So when somebody calls you. Give a friendly answer. Little acts of kindness.” – Divine Comedy


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