Leading my Team is a blessing. My players not only impress me every game with fantastic plays on defense and monster markers on offense.

This is a ragtag team composed of friends from other companies. They are not as talented as the other teams, and the core members of the team are my physical fitness playmates for almost 8 years now. What we call here “laro laro, galaw galaw para di ma-stroke”. However, they have learned to adjust and contribute even their small share to make the team spectacular.

They are a bunch of happy people, no dull moment and the way they care for each other is a rarity in this part of the world where selfishness is everyday menu even with compatriots.

We lost in our first game by a point. We had our chance to win through the 2 free throws, but neither went in. It was a heart breaker, but it gave the team what was needed at that point. A catalyst to become active and adhere to the principle of teamwork. The loss was a blessing. We left it behind and made it as a jump board to reach new heights.

We started to jell, even with one or two members sour – graping for not being given playing time, for complaining about my coaching and how the key members play. We quickly escalated our new found bond to reach the semi-finals. The heart is there, the desire is so warm.. and we made the finals in flying colors.

What blessings this team brought were not only for me but also for the competitors, for the tournament, for the community. They have shown how it is to be a good sport.

During the eliminations, I called the attention of the tournament officials in one of our games on the seemingly unfair officiating by the referees. My players got hurt so many times but no calls were made. One of the referees who happen to be the Chairman of the Committee called for a two technical fouls on me, and suspended me for 3 games. Without holding any hearing or meeting. Talk about  However, this did not dampen the spirit of my team, instead it buoyed them to win the 3 games with only my prayers guiding them.


My team is a blessing, showing how to play without seeking individual glory or accolades, but rather play for God’s glory and for the good of the team. Before and after every game, group prayer is muttered and the whole team sincerely participate.

This team gives me health and mental alertness. This team makes me practice my cooking. This team gives appreciation on my skills in food processing. This team come to me for advise, come to me when they need somebody to talk to. This team shares happy moments with me.. stories about their family, their job, their achievements. And most of all this team gives admiration on how at my age, I can still play up to 4 games of basketball.

This team always give thanks to God.

Joel S, Joel N., Jojo, Darwin, JayR, Benjie, Jun R, Jun M, Nel, Waui, Nino, Peter, Ladd, Arnel, Mike, Cris, Rene, BJ, JB, Dong, Ramil and Popoy, thank you for being my blessings coming from above.

We may be at 2nd Place this time, but we’ll get it next time around.

And it will be sweet.

Sweet blessings.


“‘Cause what if your blessings come through rain drops. What if Your healing comes through tears. What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near. What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise” – Laura Story


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