I composed poems and short stories before na napublish sa MOD, Liwayway, People’s Journal at muntik na sa Tiktik buti na lang pumasok sa eksena si Xerex Xaviera.

Here’s one from 1988:


I made a paper boat one day
And let it float to a tranquil stream
It made turns and swings to rivulets and pools
Made by rocks, twigs and roots
Then it bumped and bungled to the banks
While I rushed to skillfully untangle

My paper boat gallantly fought
The rushes and gushes and seemed nothing
Can stop its way down the stream
I adeptly traversed the water floor
Rigidly contrasted the wind
And I knew that my paper boat
Is like my own challenges

Tersely it conquered the water as if its slave
And the wind as its ally
Like I did to my trials
When suddenly it rained
My paper boat got soak with water
Wet and soggy it went down
To the bottom of the stream

The stream of water that it conquered
Through the rainwater that poured
I realize then that my own challenges
Is the same thing, which conquered
And by complacency be defeated.


“Yeah, you can be the greatest. You can be the best. You can be the King Kong banging on your chest. You can beat the world. You can beat the war. You can talk to God, go banging on his door.” – The Script



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