We dream big. Of course, dreams are always big, because it is a world beyond what you are now. Even if you say that you have simple dreams, it is still considered big, because it is a situation that is some level higher and different from where you are now. So let us call a dream as big.

The problem when we dream big, is that we also try to do something big. We think that we can fulfill our dream by doing big things. And that is where we all fail, we seem lost in doing big actions, concocting big plans, and surpassing big hurdles. We were overwhelmed.

Remember that all big things start from small things. Everything in the universe is but a mass of small matters. Dusts.

So why won’t we do small steps, small actions.

Even the smallest of actions, the ones James Allen called trivial and insignificant, can lead to great success.

Lao Tzu stated it simply, for everyone to understand: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Pero papaano?, you may ask.

Sir Isaac Newton’s principle that a “body at rest tends to remain at rest and a body in motion tends to remain in motion,” definitely applies to the action principle. Once you’ve taken the first step (even a baby step), the next steps seem easier to take. And to continue his statement, “…. unless acted upon by an external force.”

Every journey begins with a single step and for most of us, the first single step is the hardest part. But our mistake often lies in making “leaps” not steps. Or being afraid to take the first step.

Making tiny steps is not difficult. And it can lead to big changes. It can bring you to places.

Let your energy go. Let your talents flow. Let you creativity show.

And most of all, let your faith move that first tiny step on the road to success in life.

Go now, take that stride to life. God wishes to lift your feet.

Don’t deny Him.


“Walk with faith in your hands, and you’ll never walk alone. For with faith in your heart. The world is your own. You never will grieve. If in Him, you believe and. Walk with faith in your heart.” – Bachelors


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