I had a discussion with a Saudi friend regarding Saudization. I told him that if we analyze the program, it is not a really a threat to expats. Lalo pa nga kakong madaragdagan ang pangangailangan ng manggagawa mula sa ibang bansa. I already explained this is when I was invited by an OFW Organization in 2010 to shed lights on this issue.

Dinagdag ko pa na ang kailangan ng gobyerno ng mga nagpapadala ng Expats dito ay ireorient ang kanilang mga curriculum to fit the incoming labor requirements of Saudi Arabia. For example, Saudis are working now and they have raised their living standards dahil nga sasahod na sila. So they will start having the means to spend for services like beauty parlors, fitness centers, dress shops, among others. Doon puwedeng ituon ng mga bansa ang partitrain at paghahanda sa kanilang workforce.

He told me “I like the Filipinos very much. They work with high quality and have high sense of responsibility.”

I replied, “These two goes hand in hand. If you aim for high quality of ouput, you must have high sense of responsibility. This high sense of responsibility comes from the Filipino pride. We value so much the result of our labor that is why we really work hard to come out with high quality results.” Iyon bang proud ang Pinoy sa achievement niya.

HIs next question baffled me.

Sabi niya, “I consider the Filipinos as the most polite people in the world. In fact you are the only people in the world that have two words to show respect, the “PO” and “OPO”. But how come that in your country, you cannot show this respect to one another. ” Ang gulo gulo raw ng Pinoy. Napakamapulitika. Awayan. Siraan ng siraan.

He added, “You should show your respectfulness not just by saying “PO” and “OPO”, not by being respectful to other nationalities, but by being respectful to yourselves first. As a nation.”

Well said.

In our language it is called “Pakitang Tao”


“This is your last warning, in a courtesy call. I am not afraid of the storm that comes my way. When it hits it shakes me to the core and makes me stronger than before. It’s not a question about trust but will you stand with us. ” – Thousand Foot Krutch

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