Nagdaos ng isang Ifthar ang aming kompanya, at tulad ng inaasahan, baha ang pagkain. I took vegetables, marami pagpipilian and I had the chance to watch my co-workers dahil una akong kumuha ng pagkain.

I was so happy na nakita ko ang mga kasama ko na kumakain at makasalamuha for 1 hour.

I was so amused observing my colleagues get their food. Halos lahat ay umaaapaw at tambak ang baka, tupa, at manok sa kanilang mga pinggan.

What caught me most ay ang mga lowly workers – laborers, technicians, even the guards. The excitement in their eyes realizing that maybe the food they will take will last them until next dinner.

Then I heard a guy exclaiming, “so voracious… as if there’s no food tomorrow..” I reminded him not to show contempt as we are all employees of our company and each have a role to perform.

I asked him, “isn’t it that you call that janitor to empty your trash bin and clean your cubicle when you feel it is dirty and you cannot work efficiently? Try doing it yourself.”

I added that he must be thankful that they are not having a feast and he is not the one paying for it. “Let them enjoy it. This is only once in a year.”

It is what you show to others that will be also shown to you.


“You try to give another man a helping hand. He will take your kindness for a weaker stand. Never do to others what they do to you. Try to find another way to make it through.” – Donna Hightower


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