Impressed ako sa GM ng isa naming principal sa aming discussions. The way he talks and discuss technical details about their product. Lalo na sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko.

I can relate how busy he is and how tight his schedules are. And I can feel his energy. The discussions went on and doon ko naintindihan ng husto ang technicalities ng kanilang product. We are using their products sa planta ng dati kong pinagtatrabahuhan sa Pinas at ang isa pang experience ko sa product nila ay sa laboratory where I worked dati. Lalo pang nadagdagan ang kaalaman ko at pinahanga niya ako sa kanyang energy.

But wait, he suddently stopped the discussions and whispered to me.

Do you have a candy? Can I have some?

Surprised ako. In the middle of discussions bigla humingi ng candy.  Buti na lang meron akong candy sa drawer ko sa aking ofice.

A minute after placing the candy in his mouth, he whispered to me “my sugar is getting down, that’s why I asked for candy..”

Everyone has their weak spot. The one thing that despite our best efforts, will always bring us to our knees, regardless of how strong we are otherwise.

We should not be blinded by our strength, power or wealth.

Only God is without weakness.


“In my perdiction. The end has been forseen. I am unable to accept this failure. As weak as I am. I have no strength in me to pretend. The throne that once. Marked my strength. Is now a token of my failure.” – Black Sun Aeon


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