A Mechanical Technician (Mr. MT) has just finished his shift and started packing up his tools. He was in a hurry, that he haphazardly placed the equipment in the shelves and the drawers.

He noticed a break in the insulation of the Electric Drill, but did not mind it and told himself he is in a hurry to get home. He’s got to talk to his chat mate in the internet this night so he must be home soon. Mr. MT even thought that the second shift technician (Mr. FL) will take care of that defect, or if he will not notice it, then maybe a simple electric shock will be experienced and then Mr. FL will repair it.

Happy and sleepy with the previous night’s internet chat session, Mr. MT reported for work the next day. He proceeded to take his tools and equipment from the shelves and from the drawer.He plugged in the Electric Drill but got shocked from the electricity coming into his body. Fortunately, when he fell down, the Electric Drill got unplugged, and he was saved from being electrocuted.

At the company clinic, while being treated from electric burns, he learned that Mr. FL was ON LEAVE the previous night.

Respect comes in various forms. It could be a way to address another person, the manner of listening to their opinions, respectful greetings, appreciating others’ responsibilities and actions, understanding wants, needs and manners of others and a lot more. Giving respect means giving value to their being, ideals and beliefs.

Respect is associated with responsibility. The more respectful somebody is, the more responsible he is. He values respect because he is responsible. He exhibits sense of responsibility in his actions, in his posts, in his comments, in his remarks. He exudes an air of honor, high education and values.

Observe how respect and responsibility have gone astray nowadays. Look at how people irresponsibly post and share news, issues, gossips without verifying what they are posting. I have seen a friend reposted an item which had a headline that goes like this “ADDITIONAL TAXES FOR OFWs”. He flavored his post with curses, expletives, and blames on the administration. However he did  not bother to click on the link to read the full article of some stupid and irresponsible blogger.

The article started with “The BIR Commissioner upon hearing the recommendations of some lawmakers strongly remarked that she does not agree on imposing ADDITIONAL TAXES FOR OFWs.” That blogger whose name is also hidden, took only those words and created an impression that the BIR Commissioner wants to lay down additional taxes, thus hatred on some readers who have already a bias on the administration.

Like the above short story, we may realize that one of these days we, ourselves, will suffer the consequence of our being irresponsible and disrespectful.

Nowadays, our society rejoices in the killings, injustices, disrespectful behaviors, bashing, rumor mongering, and reposts / share them irresponsibly.

Somebody cries injustice only when it happens to him.

Living seems to be  “pa-kembot kembot lang”.


“And I find it kinda funny. I find it kinda sad. The dreams in which I’m dying. Are the best I’ve ever had. I find it hard to tell you. I find it hard to take. When people run in circles
It’s a very, very mad world, mad world.” – Gary Jules



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