It was 1970, but it could have been any year. Elementary days were filled with emotion and excitement: The padaususan sa tabi ng Science Building, the Basyaran, the tuksuan leading to pananaga ng Dulos, the punitan ng damit, the hubuan sa harap ng klase, the tago sa sulok if the bakuna comes, the ngatngat ng kuko if the health inspection team is here or the games of our youth we play, jolens, bimbiw, tubigan, tumbang preso, sipa, piko, trumpo pag recess.

48 years later, we still remember: puppy crushes, the tamban sa klase para magmura (buko), the pansit ni Nanay Kandray, sinanday, dukit, scramble, banana and snowball. The times we live in have changed, but actual things don’t change much, and people don’t either. I think that’s a good thing. Reality doesn’t bite as hard at the 60 year mark, despite what people may anticipate.


The best thing I found in is this reunion is that everyone is really nice, and everyone seems really happy — no matter how many different choices we all made, kahit pa ano ang narating o estado sa buhay. One family. My family. My classmate’s family. And we accepted everyone. Pantay pantay.

We’re no longer judging the big things, now we respect reality and ready to support those who need support. We’ve all made choices and we’re living with the consequences.

We may not remember faces, but almost everyone exclaims to each other, “oy di ka tumatanda, bata pa ring tignan” although he/she maybe referring not to our looks but to the manner we behave. We listened to stories, but most of all as I keep advising “nobody is above anybody here.. ” Fando added, ‘lahat tayo winner sa buhay, sapagkat narito tayo at magkasama, hindi tayo patay.”

Now, seeing each other made us yearn for more years of togetherness. To continue seeing each other, support each other and most of all love each other.

I love Class of ’70.. still looking so Classy at ’60.

Next year again classmates. Hoping to find additional kaklase next year and we are again reliving memories with our adviser, Ma’am Lita Villamor Sarmiento.

God bless us and keep us healthy and able to support others.



“Will you recognize me?
Call my name or walk on by
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down, down!
Don’t your forget about about me me
Don’t, don’t, don’t..” – Simple Minds


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