I am your ordinary man who laughs, loves and lives life to the fullest.  I help, care and understand without expecting anything in return. I am persistent and results oriented and leaves heavy baggage on my trip towards life. What matters for me is not what I have learned, but what I taught. Not what I achieved, but what is my significance. Not my degree, but my character, not my fortune, but my soul.

I am Emil from Tagaytay City, a Sales, Marketing and Business Development Executive and was the VP for Sales and Marketing of a multinational company in the Philippines before I work abroad. I am now the Marketing and Corporate Business Development and Management Manager of a large company in Saudi Arabia.

The short stories contained here are just reflections of how I view life as it happens.



  1. Apparently someone who knows my brother knows you. When my brother posted the results of his lab work, this friend recommended your blog on how you were cured and cleansed by a regimen consisting of apples and olive oil. I don’t know if he followed it but he is well and doing fine, bless the Lord. Apples and olive oil are abundant in the US, of course, but I have never really heard of anyone using this combination in the manner with which you described as being therapeutic of some intestinal ailments. Maybe it was your faith that really did the trick. I read several other blogs and I am glad that you are able to make good use of your time. God bless. Be well, be happy. Inshallah.

    Incidentally, this brother of mine worked for over 20 years in Saudi.

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