It was 1970, but it could have been any year. Elementary days were filled with emotion and excitement: The padaususan sa tabi ng Science Building, the Basyaran, the tuksuan leading to pananaga ng Dulos, the punitan ng damit, the hubuan sa harap ng klase, the tago sa sulok if the bakuna comes, the ngatngat ng kuko if the health inspection team is here or the games of our youth we play, jolens, bimbiw, tubigan, tumbang preso, sipa, piko, trumpo pag recess.

48 years later, we still remember: puppy crushes, the tamban sa klase para magmura (buko), the pansit ni Nanay Kandray, sinanday, dukit, scramble, banana and snowball. The times we live in have changed, but actual things don’t change much, and people don’t either. I think that’s a good thing. Reality doesn’t bite as hard at the 60 year mark, despite what people may anticipate.


The best thing I found in is this reunion is that everyone is really nice, and everyone seems really happy — no matter how many different choices we all made, kahit pa ano ang narating o estado sa buhay. One family. My family. My classmate’s family. And we accepted everyone. Pantay pantay.

We’re no longer judging the big things, now we respect reality and ready to support those who need support. We’ve all made choices and we’re living with the consequences.

We may not remember faces, but almost everyone exclaims to each other, “oy di ka tumatanda, bata pa ring tignan” although he/she maybe referring not to our looks but to the manner we behave. We listened to stories, but most of all as I keep advising “nobody is above anybody here.. ” Fando added, ‘lahat tayo winner sa buhay, sapagkat narito tayo at magkasama, hindi tayo patay.”

Now, seeing each other made us yearn for more years of togetherness. To continue seeing each other, support each other and most of all love each other.

I love Class of ’70.. still looking so Classy at ’60.

Next year again classmates. Hoping to find additional kaklase next year and we are again reliving memories with our adviser, Ma’am Lita Villamor Sarmiento.

God bless us and keep us healthy and able to support others.



“Will you recognize me?
Call my name or walk on by
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down, down!
Don’t your forget about about me me
Don’t, don’t, don’t..” – Simple Minds



Dr Stephen Covey said: Most of us learn to base our self-worth on comparisons and competition. We think about succeeding in terms of someone else failing–that is, if I win, you lose; or if you win, I lose. ..There is only so much pie to go around, and if you get a big piece, there is less for me; it’s not fair, and I’m going to make sure you don’t get anymore.


Iyan ang mentalidad ng mga Pinoy sa ngayon. Parang bang laging naglalamangan, walang gustong magbigay. Pag me natalo, ayaw tanggapin ang pagkatalo, “pagresbak ko lagot ka.” Pag nanalo naman, belat talo kita.. At sangkatutak na ang sasabihin sa natalo. Sangkatutak na paninira, kulang na lang tadyakan at dikdikin. Ayaw bitiwan ang mental baggage na dala dala.

Ang mga taong may malawak na pangunawa, may edukasyon, may breeding at maka Diyos, matalo o manalo, they see a pie with pieces enough for everyone, at hindi sila nagiisip na malalamangan siya ng iba.

Di na natin matatakasan ang kultura ng paglalaban. Tayo ay isang specie ng namumuhay sa mundo na laging nakikipagtagisan sa kapuwa, ngunit, subalit, datapuwat, pero iba ang pakikipagtagisan na natutuon sa tunay na diwa ng tagisan kesa sa pakikipagtagisang may kasakiman or worse may kabuktutan.

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Ang mga taong may paninindigan and who love what they do are competitive. Hindi nila mararating ang tagumpay kung hindi sila nakahanda sa tagisan. However, di nila ginugugol ang kanilang oras at lakas sa mga pandaraya at katusuhan. Hindi nila hinahadlangan ang kompetisyon dahil alam nilang maraming mga larangan ang kayang magexcel ang bawat isa. Kapag mahal mo ang ginagawa mo, kahit na anong husay mo ay hindi mo tatapakan o gagamitin ang ibang tao para ikaw ay makarating sa iyong inaambisyon.

At sila ay magnanimous in victory.

Hindi vindictive. Hindi nagmamayabang.

At higit sa lahat, they inspire and motivate other people.

They are focused to excel.

Not to bash. Not to cuss. Not to create intrigues.


“Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter. Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun, here comes the sun. And I say it’s all right.” – the Beatles

JOKU (ジョーク) – 092016



HUSBAND: “Tumawag ka ng ambulansiya Honey, inaatake ako sa puso!”
WIFE: (kinuha ang cellphone ng asawa) “Dali Hon, ibigay mo sa akin ang password!”
HUSBAND: “Okay na ako Honey. Maayos na pakiramdam ko!”


“Pasensiya na pare,” ang kanyang sabi “ alam ko na pagod ka galing sa trabaho, pero kailangan ko ng tulong mo.”
“Anong tulong pare?” ang tanong ng kapitbahay.
“Alam mo di ako makapasok sa bahay, tulog na tulog naman ang asawa ko, kanina pa ako katok ng katok at tawag ng tawag. Iyon susi ko kasi ay nalimutan ko sa aking jacket na naiwan ko nakasampay sa tabi ng kama namin.”
“Anong gusto mong gawin ko pare?” tanong uli ni kapitbahay.
“Puwede ba pakidukot mo lang ang susi sa jacket ko na napalipat ang sampay sa kuwarto mo?”
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“Your honor,”
 said a young man. “I’d like to get married please.”
“All right, what’s you age?”
“22, sir.”
“And the bride’s?”
“She’s 15 sir.”
“15? That’s too young and against the law!”
“I see,”
 said the young man. “Could you explain that to the man next to her with a shotgun?”


GIRL: “Babe, where u na?”
GUY: “Naghihintay ng bus.”
GIRL: “Bilisan mo babe, inip na ako.”
GUY: “Okay, babe, Bibilisan ko paghihintay.”


A cop pulls over a car, and he asked “Sir, do you know how badly your car was swerving between lanes?”
The offender replied, “I’ve had 8 martinis, officer.”
“That’s no excuse to let your wife drive…,” the cop said back.


When I see a woman driving a taxi, I smile and think how far our society have come in terms of gender equality…
And then I wait for the next taxi.
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KANOR: “Pare, heto o 88 years old ng mamatay!”
PANDOY: “Mas matindi ito pare, 102 ng mamatay.”
KANOR: “Oh, mas grabe ito, 150.”
PANDOY: “Wow! Anong pangalan pare.”
MICK: “Kilometers from Baguio!”


To all the women that wear a lot of make-up:
Take it easy, it is called a FACE…
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Lalaki: “Ang gagong janitor nagyayabang na lahat na babae sa building na ito ay nasipingan na niya, puwera lang daw ang isa.”
Babae, napangiti: , “Hmmmmmmmmm, seguro si Ms Cruz, yong pangit na nakatira sa 8th floor ang hindi lang niya nasipingan.”

LASING1 : “Pre . anhirap naman netong hagdan! Andaming steps!
LASING2 : “Di lang yan pre! Ambaba pa ng hawakan!


PATROCINIA:  “Gusto ko ng itim na mangga.”
PROCOPIO: “Eh wala namang itim na mangga?”
Naglalakad sa kagubatan, may nakita si Procopio na puno ng mangga. May bunga doon ng itim na mangga, dalawa nga lang. Pinilit ni Procopio na pitasin ang itim na mangga
KAPRE: “Amang, itlog ko yan.”
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On wedding night, man asks wife: “Akala ko ba first boyfriend mo ko? Bakit? hindi ka na virgin?”
WIFE: “Ikaw talaga ang first boyfriend ko. Yung iba, customers ko lang. Peks man!”


Martin Andanar, the Presidential Communications Operations Office chief, says the Du30 administration may publish it’s own tabloid. They haven’t decided yet what to call the tabloid but Du30 is keen on calling it, “Balitang Ina Mo.”


Kidnappers aren’t interested in you.
In a hostage situation, you are likely to be released first.
People no longer view you as a hypochondriac.
Things you buy now won’t wear out.
No one expects you to run – anywhere.
People call at 8pm and ask, “Did I wake you up?”


As I stood swaying at the British Airways ticket counter, the sales agent asked, “May I help you, sir?” “Yes,” I slurred as I unzipped my Superman costume to get my wallet, “one way ticket to Amsterdam please.” “You’re unable to fly, sir,” he replied. “You’re too drunk.” I said, “I know, mate, that’s why I’m getting a plane.”


BOSS: “I think you’re not too bright at all. But you have come early to work for the past two years. You deserve a reward. “
EMPLOYEE: “Thanks, boss! What’s my reward then? “
BOSS: “How does a brand new car sound? “
EMPLOYEE: “Vroom, vroom…”
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INTERVIEWER: “Why did you leave your previous job?”
APPLICANT: “Because once they fire you, they won’t let you stay!”



Husband checks it & gets angry. He wakes his wife up.
HUSBAND: (angry) “Who is this person saying “beautiful”?”
Surprised, wife checks her mobile phone.
WIFE: (very angry) “Hey! Use your eyeglass… ‘It’s not beautiful… It’s battery full!!’”


FATHER: “Does this fellow have any money?”
GIRL: “Oh! Dad, you men are all alike.  That’s exactly what he asked me about you!”


APO: “Lola, ako po ang pinaka-unang natuto ng ABC sa school!”
LOLA: “Very good ka, apo, wag mayabang!”
APO: “Lola, ako din pinaka-mabilis magbilang ng 1 to 10.”
LOLA: “Ok yan, wag kang makulit ha!”
APO: “Lola, ako na rin pinaka-matangkad sa school!”
LOLA: “Malamang! grade 1 ka lang pero disiotso ka nang hinayupak ka!”
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A lady of the house returned home one afternoon and asked her new maid, “Did you clean out the refrigerator as I told you?”
“Yes, ma’am,” replied the maid. “And everything was delicious!”


Mommy, guwapo ba ako?”
“Itanong mo sa girlfriend mo.”
“Wala akong girlfriend, Mommy.”


“Ganyan nga, kaibigan . Tawanan mo ang iyong problema . ‘Wag mong isipin nang todo . Baka ikaw ay maloko . Tumawa ka, bakit hindi . Tawanan mo ang ‘yong problema? – Freddie Aguilar


Habang ang wika ay nag-ievolve may mga salita na kanya kanya tayo ng kahulugan. Sometimes gumagawa tayo ng sariling salita na iniaangkop natin sa sitwasyon o nais nating ipahiwatig.

Naalala ko ang kaklase ko noong College, ang tawag niya sa “PENMANSHIP” ay “PERMANSHIP”. Kinocorrect ko siya, pero sabi nya mas tama ang “PERMANSHIP” kaysa sa “PENMANSHIP”.

I asked him, bakit niya nasabi. “Ano ba iyan sa Tagalog?” ang kanyang tanong.

“PIRMA!” wika ko.

“O diba, kaya nga PERMANSHIP, kasi PIRMA nga sa tagalog… kuhang kuha na di ba?” ang pakli niya.

Ewan ko after almost more than 30 years ay ganun pa rin ang alam niya.


Another ay iyong aking barkada noong bata pa ako. Naglalaro kami sa salas ng kanilang bahay ng tawagin siya ng kanyang Tatay.

“Anak, pakilipat mo nga dito sa kusina ang “COMFORTABLE TV” para makapanuod habang nagluluto ang Nanay mo,” utos ng Tatay niya.

Hindi ako nakatiis. Sabi ko baka po “PORTABLE TV”.

Sinagot ako ng “e di ba ang TV na iyan ang magaan at KOMPORTABLENG dalhin kahit saan?” ang kanyang tanong.

“Opo!” ang sagot ko.

“E kaya nga tawag diyan ay COMFORTABLE TV, napakakomportable. Ikaw talaga, nagmamarunong ka pa sa matanda.” ang asik niya sa akin.

Sana ang barkada ko, anak at apo niya ay COMFORTABLE sa panunod ng TV ngayon.


“And sometimes it seems that all I have do is worry. Then you’re bound to see my other side. But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood. ” – Santa Esmeralda


May nakilala akong Manager na kababayan sa isang Construction Company. Noong bisitahin ko siya sa kanyang opisina, he talked about how he became a manager in his company, at kung paano niya pinaangat ang kompanya. He talked highly of himself and even boasted na isang clerk lang siya sa isang government office sa pinas.

He called his pinoy assistant and asked for coffee and I requested water only.

The pinoy assistant came with the coffee and water. Upon sipping the coffee, he angrily called back his assistant and told him: “anong katangahan naman ito, di ba sinabi ko sa iyo gusto ko matamis kape ko, bakit ang pait nito, gusto mo bang pauwiin na kita?”

His assistant meekly asked for apology and was about to get the cup para dagdagan ang asukal, pero tinabig ang kamay nito at minura-mura as in mura talaga.


Sinabihan ko siya na okay na iyon, tama na at baka magdamdam ng husto iyong tao niya. Aayusin naman na ang timpla e. Galit na galit pa rin siya na nagsabing binigyan na nga niya ng trabaho ay di pagbutihin ang pagtatrabaho.

Gusto ko siya payuhan pero sa tingin ko mahirap siyang makinig. Nakatanim na ang arrogance sa dibdib niya at iyong pagmamataas dahil nga sa tingin niya ay dati siyang mababa sa pinas, ngayong narito na siya sa saudi at mataas ang katungkulan ay dapat siyang ituring na amo. Naadopt niya ang master-slave attitude ng mga lumang Arabo.

Di ko na pinatagal ang usapan namin, after 5 minutes nagpaalam na ako. Tinapik ko ang balikat ng pinoy assistant paglabas ko.

By the way, this friend is an active leader sa church dito.


“Spare me the sermon, your preach is worthless. Another toxic person to pollute my surroundings, another toxic person
Here’s to the know it all, That knows nothing at all. Another stick in the mud.” – Traitors


I sent the file for registration ng bago naming product sa aming coordinator. Sinabi ko na iresubmit namin sa kompanya dahil they claim na wala silang natanggap from us, with an instruction na icheck lahat ng documents dahil last year pa iyon naprepare.

Tapos nagprint ako ng isang document para sa updated signature ng meari ng aming kompanya. I left for a meeting sa isang customer and reminded him to have the document signed at ipa-stamp sa Chamber of Commerce.


Kinabukasan, tinanong ko siya kung naprint na niya, yes daw. Tapos kung nasign na, yes daw. Napa-stamp na ba? Hindi pa raw, wala raw pambayad. Sabi ko, e sa Petty Cash? E sa amo natin? Wala raw Petty Cash. Di raw siya nagtanong sa amo namin. Bakit kako di ka nagtanong? Di ko raw sinabi. (Nagstart na kumulo ang dugo ko).

Tiningnan ko ang naprint niya. Ang mga government permits ay last year pa, di niya inupdate. Tinanong ko, bakit last year pa ang mga documents? Sagot niya, e sabi mo iprint ko ang nasa file. Sabi ko, icheck mo dahil last year pa ang mga iyan. Sagot niya nakalimutan ko.

Tanong ko, likas ka ba na tamad? Hindi raw. Di raw niya talaga linya iyon dahil siya daw ay isang expert at specialist sa marketing. Sabi ko, e sinubukan ka nga namin sa sinasabi mong specialist ka, e di ka umobra. Kaya nga pasalamat ka kahit coordinator me trabaho ka, di ka namin pinauwi. Nagalit pa sa akin, sinusunod ko lang naman sinabi mo e. Sinunod mo nga, pero ang di mo sinunod iyong icheck mo, gamitan mo ng isip.

Natanong ko tuloy sarili ko. Katamaran ba ito, o katangahan.

Katangaran at Katamahan.

Tanong ko. Sagot ko.


“Well my trying ain’t done no good. I said my trying ain’t done no good. You don’t make no effort no not like you should. Lazy you just stay in bed. Lazy you just stay in bed.” – Deep Purple


A man posted in his Facebook account:
“I am the boss of the house…
I have my wife’s permission to say so!”

Para kang asin.
Bagay na bagay sa itlog ko.

PATIENT: “Doctor, you told me I have a month to live, and then you sent me a bill for 100,000! I can’t pay that before the end of the month!”
DOCTOR: “Okay, you have six months to live!”

BOY: “May titulo ka ba?”
GIRL: “Bakit?”
BOY: “Kasi pagkakita ko palang sa iyo, parang pagmamay ari na kita.”
GIRL: “Ganun? May Table of Contents ka ba?”
BOY: (napaisip) “Bakit naman?”
GIRL: “Ang kapal mo kasi.”


“Hindi ako aalis sa harap ng bahay nyo!” – GATE
“Bakit ba ako na lang lagi ang pinag-iinitan nyo?” – TAKURE
“Sawang-sawa na ako, palagi na lang ako pinagpapasahan, pagod na ako” – BOLA
“Hindi naman ito titigas kung hindi mo pinaglaruan.” — PUSO
“Ayoko ng maging second choice.” – Letter B

Boy and Girl nag-uusap.
BOY: “Ang ganda mo naman.
GIRL: “Hihi! Hindi ah! Panget ko nga eh.”
Next day
BOY: “Ang panget mo naman.”
GIRL: “Tar*nt*do! G*go ka! Yabang mo kala mo kung sino ka! Baket gwapo ka ba? Kung makapagsabi ka ng panget ah!”

TEACHER: “Pedro,1+3?”
PEDRO: “Ma’am 4 po.”
TEACHER: “Oh ikaw Juan, 3+1?”
JUAN: “Ayan na! Ayan na! Walang hiya. Kapag mahirap saken tinatanong. FAVORITISM?!”

BABAE: “Mamang driver, ang bata po ba may bayad?”
DRIVER: “Wala pong bayad iyon.”
BABAE: “Pag nakakandong may bayad din po ba?”
DRIVER: “Wala nga po.”
BABAE: “Sige, anak, kandungin mo ako!”

TEACHER: “If you spend all your time sitting playing games on the internet, you’ll be fat and useless when you grow up.”
STUDENT: “Wow! You must have spent hours surfing when you were a kid!”

PANGIT: “Hoy bata! Ba’t ang sama mo tumingin?”
BATA: “Ikaw? Ba’t ang sama mo tingnan?”


At age 4, success is not peeing in your pants.
At age 12, it is having friends.
At age 18, it is having a driver’s license.
At age 20, it is having a girlfriend.
At age 35, it is having money.
At age 60, it is having sex.
At age 70, it is having a driver’s license.
At age 80, it is not peeing in your pants.

DAD: “Mabait ba ang boyfriend mo?”
ANAK: “Yes, Daddy.”
DADDY: “Maka-Diyos?”
ANAK: “Sobra Dad.”
DADDY: “Nasaan siya?”
ANAK: “Nandoon sa simbahan, nagmimisa!”

Apple Inc. has developed a new high tech toilet. The details are not yet clear, but the company is torn between two names for the new device.. Either the iPood or the iPeed.

QUESTION: What is a gay guy’s favorite place to work?
ANSWER: Manhole.

Dalawang lasing naglalakad sa riles ng tren…
LASING1: “Pre, ang hirap naman netong hagdan! Andaming steps!”
LASING2: “Hindi lang yan, pre! Ambaba pa ng hawakan!”

BOY: “Miss, may FB ka?”
GIRL: “Oo, bakit?”
BOY: “Add mo ko.”
GIRL: “Sure!”
BOY: “May BF ka?”
GIRL: “Meron, add kita?”

TEACHER: “How can we keep our school clean?”
STUDENT: “By staying at home ma’am!”

DIWATA: “Ano ang iyong kahilingan?”
PANGET: “Nakikita mo ang mapang ito? Dalhin mo ako sa bansang ito (New York) at sa babaeng nakalaan para sa akin.”
DIWATA: “Sorry, hanggang dito lang sa Pilipinas ang powers ko, iba na lang ang hilingin mo.”
PANGET: “Sige, maging normal na tao ka na lang at pakasalanan mo ako.”
DIWATA: “Patingin nga ng mapa na yan, at baka magawan ko ng paraan!”


“Cause I had the time of my life. No I’ve never felt this way before. Yes I swear it’s the truth. And I owe it all to you.” – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes