Once, during the course of his travels, a Pastor arrived at a village where the people were a quarrelsome lot. He blessed them and asked them to prosper and live in that village forever.

In the next village, where the people were peace-loving, the Pastor blessed them too but asked them to abandon the village and disperse.

Jose, his close assistant, puzzled by the Pastor’s strange blessings, asked him why he blessed the first village with prosperity though its people were unworthy of it and asked the good people of the second village to disperse.

The Pastor smiled and answered: “The quarrelsome will only spread unrest and friction wherever they go. So I asked them to remain where they were. But it is better for the peace-loving to disperse and take their good qualities with them so that all those who know them can learn the art of peaceful coexistence.”

Ito ang buod ng tugon sa ating paghahanap ng happiness… goodness. Spread goodness. How? By acts of gratitude, appreciation and kindness. You’ll feel na luluwag ang iyong dibdib at nakapagbibigay ka pa ng kaligayahan sa kapuwa mo.

Spread even small acts of goodness. Don’t suppress it. Let is show.

It will come back to you.


“The Lord leads me beside the still water. O how He does satisfy! Surely goodness and mercy follow me. All the days, all the days of my life.” – Anonymous